Bikaji Plaza

1229 tutanrkai street 3010 Rotorua,
Phone: 2102509234



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We welcome you with our open heart in New Zealand’s most beautiful city Rotorua.

Bikaji plaza is an Indian restaurant located in this most beautiful city we always put our customers next to God

 We love to serve North Indian as well as South Indian foods with high quailties.

We are the official partner of Bikanervala, you can get all products of Bikanervala at Bikaji Plaza.

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Secret ingredients

We have well educated & experienced chiefs to cook your order quickly our special ingredients enable them to prepare tasty food for you.


Tasty & healthy food

We believe good food is good mood so We concentrate to prepare tasty as well as healthy food for you that makes your day wonderful.


Best Services

In the short period of time we have proven that we provide the best services in the area as number of our customer increasing day by day.

Why Bikaji Plaza Food?

Spices – Indian chefs are pretty much aware of the spices. They make good use of the large variety of ingredients & spices along with their culinary skills to enhance the flavor of their food. A skilled Indian cook uses a variety of spices to ensure you get the best North Indian Food in Rotorua.

Tradition – Recipes go from generation to generation and are improved based on the personal taste and the ingredients. If you lay your hands on a single recipe for hundreds of years, you are going to get it right.


History – For the past 5000 years, their food has been affected by several factors, including firm class system, international trade routes and weather patterns.

Health – South Indian food in Rotorua is prepared keeping the health factor in mind. The spices that are used are good, safe and pretty tasteful as well. The other ingredients that are used are healthy and this includes coconut, rice, beans and other nutritious vegetables. In resemblance to the common American belief, healthy food tastes better than the junk when it gets prepared by a master chef.

Color – As the saying goes an individual eats with his eyes and nose before he uses his mouth’. This symbolizes that the Indian food is both colorful and comes with good fragrance.

Experience – The Indian Food at the North Indian Restaurant in Rotorua brings you a unique experience that would be remembered throughout the life. People who savor such delicacies are sure to sway in the culinary sojourn.

"One thousand flavors in one place", We serve more than ninety food items.
Give us a chance to serve you we promise, you will love our foods and services